Monday, July 04, 2011

P.E.I.: Day Thirteen

It's hard to believe that we've been here for as long as we have - it feels much longer both in a good and bad way. The area is very familiar now, know my way around pretty darn well (although I still use the TomTom to get me places faster). The house we're staying at is large and cozy, and so that alone makes the place feel like home. But I'm going to enjoy not eating out so much (the kind of problems you want to have, right), and not feeling like we have to plan each and every single day. P.E.I. is lovely to visit, but I know how that I wouldn't want to live here. And we'll come back for sure, but when our kids are older.

Today the weather wasn't supposed to be nice so we relaxed a bit and did some more shopping around. I picked up two CDs by Cynthia MacLeod (love the one so far - a full review of all the new music I bought sometime upon my return home). We also finally made it out to The Cheese Lady Gouda Cheese place and bought a small fortune worth of flavoured gouda (smoked, herb and garlic, pepper & mustard, and old). When I was a kid I could never eat cheese unless it was melted on something. I'd proud to say that I'm slightly more adventurous these days.

Because of the not-so-great-weather we decided to take Ephraim bowling for the first time (which we did instead of seeing The Royals - no offense but I really don't understand the big deal about The Royals, as far as I know their only real power is that they can dissolve the British gov't and call for a re-election - not to say that this isn't a power, but given that they are unlikely to act upon it, I'm just not sure why I should care about these people… and this is coming from someone whose mother was Diana obsessed). I didn't get a really great photo of Ephraim, but we got some video - I plan on doing something up and posting it when we return and I have a few minutes.

On the way home we came across a local woman and her husband stranded by their broken down motorhome. They were taking it for a test drive before a long trip to (surprise, surprise) Toronto, ON. So we gave her a ride to her house, which she insisted on paying us for (going toward's Ephraim's violin fund!), and then settled in for the evening.

One more full day (no idea what we're going to do tomorrow) and then another almost-full day. And in case you're wondering about the photo below, Ephraim has made "Teddy-Bear" part of our family, and he must be present at all meals with food in front of him or else Ephraim will continue to say, "Where Teddy-Bear food go?"

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