Saturday, July 02, 2011

P.E.I.: Day Eleven

We've been here for quite awhile now and we've mostly been hanging out centrally and, to be honest, I needed some new surroundings.  So we decided to head east.  When we visited here last we went to East Point, which is the eastern most point of The Island, and it's also where the tides meet and collide with each other - which is pretty awesome to see actually.  That area is about an hour and a half drive and luckily we have a son that likes to get going first thing in the morning, so we took off soon after breakfast

The weather wasn't as sunny as we were hoping for, but we decided to pick up some supplies and have a picnic on the beach anyway.  We went to Basin Head Beach, also known as "The Singing Sands" because of the way the sand sounds when you walk on it.  It's a finer grade "white sand" whereas the rest of the island has the redder variety.

After lunch and a little nap we headed to East Point and was amazed by how much the cliffs have receded since we were last there.  They've even had to move the restaurant that was on the water back a bit.  When I get home I'll check my old photos and see if I can't do a side by side comparison of the two.  While there we got a quick treat of the local Prince Edward Island ADL ice cream (which I actually think is better than Cows actually.)

After that it was off to Elmira to the train museum.  What an awesome little place.  The highlight, as you can see above, is a mini trade ride that goes over a mile in track.  I can't imagine how much work went into that thing.  Ephraim was mesmerized the entire time.  That alone was worth the trek out.

So tomorrow is supposed to be sun-sun-sun so we may just do a beach day, otherwise I think we're curious to see if there's anything worth visiting the west end for before we head home.

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