Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chew - Vol 1: Taster's Choice

I was strongly recommended this by one of my comic friends.  There is certainly no shortage of high-concept comics these days - this one features a police officer, Toni Chu, who through the power of taste can tell you the entire history of whatever he eats, dead or alive, including animal, mineral, or vegetable (and especially humans). 
I have to say that I really dug this off the top, got a little 'meh' on it during the middle, and then got really excited by the direction it took at the end of the run.  I've read that Showtime is developing this as a half-hour comedy, and I think that will work nicely.  It's the kind of book where I'm up for reading another, but I'm not running out to get the next one.  Casual interest which will either grow or fade with the next one. 
Chew Volume 1: Taster's Choice

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