Thursday, March 08, 2012

1703 - Teenage Paparazzo

This film was on the festival circuit around the same time as TUWOPS was, but I never got a chance to see it when I was touring with my own film, so I was glad to see it on netflix now. 
Celebrity culture is an interesting thing, and so when Adrien Grener discovers a fourteen year old kid amongst the paparazzi it makes him wonder if it's gotten to an extra stage of 'yuck'. 
I'm friends with some people who you could classify as celebrities and so it's interesting to witness this now from their point of view.  I work behind the camera, and I'm a pretty lame family type guy, so I'm never going to have to worry about this kind of thing but it's an interesting and sad thing how some people end up having to exchange their privacy for fame and fortune.  And for this kid who starts to become popular, he's faced with the very problem head on.  He has no issues being in celebrities faces all the time, but when it turns around that people want to watch him 24/7 he starts to realize just the kind of world he's gotten into.
This is a fair documentary that looks at various angles of a interesting topic.  It doesn't try to cast the blame on any one person in particular.  If anything Adrien is just trying to make sense of the madness (as if there is sense to be made).
It's interesting and entertaining for those who are interested in celebrity lifestyle and how the paparazzi work and think, so if that's your thing it's totally worth a view.  If not... you'll find something else that's lovely and watch that.

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