Saturday, March 10, 2012

1704 - Toy Story 2

For Epraim's second movie night he wanted to follow-up Toy Story with it's sequel. 
I think I really only saw this once, and the thing I always thought back to on this is the Sarah McLaughlin song part way through that gives us Jesse' heartbreaking back-story.  That moment still stings to watch, but never quite as much as the first time. 
Ephraim continued to be amazed by it all and followed along like a champ, asking solid questions along the way.  I'll say it again - it's amazing rediscovering films through kids.
As for me?  Well this isn't meant to be an insult, but I think that this one is the weakest of the three Toy Story films.  It's a really fun ride with our friends, and there's a lovely little message to it, but the it falls short of the other two (which are fucking great).  This sequel was rushed through, and the lameness of some jokes play into that, I'm sure.  *Did we really need a nod to Star Wars?*
This one takes from the first one and really opens up the world in terms of story and scope.  We learn more about Woody an Buzz's backstories, and since they can't reuse the gag of Buzz not knowing he's a toy, instead we get to see Buzz deal with a "new" Buzz who is unaware of the situation... that one's a bit easy guys.
So a really fun and solid Pixar film.  It's far from it's best or worst - but the thing about Pixar is that even when it's not amazing it's still pretty damn great (I write this having not seen Cars 2, which has been much bitched about).
I imagine anyone who wants to see this film has already.  I recommend it regardless!

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