Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1707 - When Harry Met Sally

Okay, if you don't know about this film you live under a rock.  Here's the summary - it's the ultimate "Can women and men be friends?" film.  I'm in the midst of re-watching a bunch of my favorite romantic comedies as I prepare to make my second feature Sex After Kids (which I realized just now that I haven't talked about AT ALL on my blog.  Probably because I spend such a large amount of time writing about it everywhere else). 
So I started off watching this with an attempt to just study their shooting style, and of course the movie sucked me right in to the point where I forgot and just enjoyed it.  Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal are absolutely perfect here.  Ephron's script is clever and witty and harsh and lovely.  Reiner brings a lot to the table as a comedy director.  Perhaps it was in the script, but a scene I really enjoyed on this viewing was at a sporting even where Crystal is telling Bruno Kirby about his divorce and all the while they're doing the wave.  It's kind of amazing.  Not to mention that this film has one of the most amazing split-screen sequences in film.  I can only imagine how they co-ordinated it. 
This is one of the truly great romantic comedies, and at it's heart it isn't about 'can men and women being friends without sex getting in the way' so much as it's about the difference between men and women and how we deal with that.  If you're a rom-com fan and you haven't seen this film then shame you.  Rectify it immediately.  You won't regret it, and if you do... we probably can't be friends.  Sorry.  Shit happens when you don't like amazing films :)

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