Friday, March 16, 2012

1705 - Toy Story 3

For our third movie night in a row with my son we went with the latest installment of Toy Story.  And honestly, I was pretty excited to revisit the film myself.  Having re-watched the other two very recently this just might be my favorite of them.  I think that the story is a lot more fun, a lot more poignant, and it's just based on how Pixar is a story-powerhouse, so one would hope that it's the best of the series.  The stakes are higher, more personal.  These friends might all split up - hell - they might not even make it out of the film alive.  There's a lot more excitement and energy to the film as well.  They do smart and clever callbacks as well to the rest of the series that I quite enjoyed.
Pixar is a pretty phenomenal place and I truly hope that they keep turning out gems like this.  I think this film wraps up the series quite well, and I hope they don't try going back to the well.  They ended on a really strong note and I can't imagine how they'd follow it up.  If you haven't seen the newest one yet, you're insane - get on it now!

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