Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1712 - Chasing Amy

Its been a long time since I've seen this film (fun fact - it was the first DVD I ever bought!) and I didn't think I'd be revisiting it while gearing up for Sex After Kids, but here we are.  Kevin Smith was never considered a particularly strong visual filmmaker - and especially not in this time period of his career.  More often than not he just lets the camera run and the actors do their thing.  And while this film is not visually appealing it doesn't take away from the impact either.  It's funny watching this now, the script itself is a bit weak in terms of how 'speecy' it is.  There's kind of a lack of flow while characters are far more verbose than they ever actually need be.  I love a lot of it, but someone really needed to go through this script and be a bit brutal about the speeches.  A lot more could be said with a little.
That being said I still enjoy this and likely always will.  It was a shame that it didn't do more for Adams, as I think she's pretty wonderful here.  If you've never see it it's absolutely classic Kevin Smith, and it's also probably his artiest, more engaging film in that regard.  Well worth checking out, I do believe!

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