Tuesday, March 27, 2012

1710 - Hannah & Her Sisters

I'm sure that I've commented on this film several times at this point, it's one of the many Woody Allen films that I revisit on a regular basis.  It's one of the best ensemble comedy films out there, and it's not surprise that it won an Oscar for screenplay that year.  Annie Hall is always my go-to favourite Woody film, but this one might just be the close second the more that I think about it. 
I'm revisiting it at this point as I start to plan the visuals for my next film Sex After Kids.  I'm going to be re-watching a lot of relationship films in the next little bit, particularly ones that are heavier on the dialogue front just to compare styles and get some more inspiration.  What's interesting about Woody is that he likes to shoot mostly in just big master shots.  He hardly, if ever shoots coverage and very sparingly shoots close-ups.  I like how a lot of his shots go from wide shots to medium shots to close-ups just by following the actor's natural rhythms.  I honestly think that there's something to be said for not getting in the actors way when it comes to a visual style and sometimes that simply means letting a scene play out and not destroy it with too many shots and interruptions. 
If you've never seen this, you really should, in a catalogue of great films, it's one of Woody's best.

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