Tuesday, March 27, 2012

1711 - The Break-Up

Not the best visual reference film for me for Sex After Kids.  Mostly just because this is a studio film that has money to throw at it.  That being said, I still enjoyed revisiting it.  Vaughn is such an amazing asshole the entire film, but you still feel for him when he turns it around at the end.  And just when you're starting to hate Aniston for putting up with his shit, you gain this new respect for her at the end. 
I don't think Jennifer gets enough credit for this film.  Especially the last scene.  She does so much with just a look and a feeling.  You know exactly where her head is at and where this is going to end up.  It's a pretty impressive scene in that regard.
Visually it's pretty standard stuff, no one is re-inventing the wheel here, and I imagine that Vince likes to shoot with two cameras to allow for improv. 
If you've never seen this it really is a great contemporary relationship film that goes for honesty above all else, and doesn't pander.

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