Monday, June 03, 2013

1848 - Mr. Popper's Penguins

I likely never would have seen this film if I hadn't been given a screener of it (for reasons which I cannot recall) and also if I didn't have a 4yr old child.  In terms of Jim Carrey this film felt like a big retread on past roles for him - especially the character he did in Liar, Liar - outside of the magical concept there - here again he plays a goofy professional who isn't a great Dad, but tries really hard to and also wants to reconnect with his child's mother, all the while trying to win a big promotion from bosses who are not the nicest people.  It's kind of a beat-for-beat update on the story in terms of it's structure.  I'd accept this with another actor in the lead, but it feels a tinge lazy given that it's Carrey.
That being said - it's a fun film.  I had legitimate laugh out loud moments and I've honestly never heard my son laugh so hard in all his life - so that alone makes it easy to recommend.  And if you're a hot blooded male whose ever had a crush on Carla Guigino - well there's that too.
As a family film I don't think it's any kind of instant classic, but it's a fun little romp for the kids to enjoy at least once.

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