Friday, June 28, 2013

1863 - i am a good person / i am a bad person

I wanted to see this film when it was screening in Toronto at The Royal, and I've since been told that it's essentially impossible to see now, something over a music rights thing.  So I had to track this down through my Canadian-indie-film mafia.  I was on a panel for IndieGoGo the other night and Ingrid was in the audience, so after long-last I was finally able to meet her.  Her previous films "Modra" and "Once" were at one point on Netflix, and they may be still - they are worth checking out for sure.
This film is about a filmmaker, played by Veninger, who goes on a European tour with her film and her daughter (played by Veniger's real daughter Hallie Switzer) in tow.  I was a big fan of Switzer in "Modra" and she doesn't disappoint here.  There's a scene inside of a tattoo parlour that could (and should) very well break your heart.
This film could have so easily been really pretentious, but it feels so wonderfully casual that it works.  A bad filmmaker would have let it meander, but this works really well - every move that's made is developing and expanding upon character.  It's slice-of-life but Ingrid doesn't miss a beat or a chance to let us get deeper into these people's brains.  It's a lesson in humility and it's a good one.

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