Tuesday, June 18, 2013

1856 - Imagine Me & You

I haven't seen this in a few years and wanted to revisit it for the purposes of research on a project I'm getting involved in.  Re-watching it I must say that I wish we had more time with our two love interests before they decide that they're madly in love with each other.  I get that part of the theme of the film is that you can fall in love in an instant, but as an audience member I want that real estate taken up with our leads.  What I really like about this film is that the third wheel of the love triangle isn't just some over-bearing asshole - so that our hero's choice is obvious.  This film is about a woman who falls in love at first sight to another woman, having just married her best friend - a man.  What makes this film really strong is that it gives her two real world options and so it becomes a real choice.  She doesn't want to hurt her husband, but she can't deny her feelings.  It's pretty gripping stuff.  It's set inside of a light-hearted film so it's not like she has to make this choice whilst living in a society that rejects homosexuality, but it's still engaging nonetheless.  The entire cast is pretty damn strong, especially the members of our love triangle.  I'm not sure where you can source it out, but it's a lovely little film if you can find it.

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