Saturday, June 15, 2013

1854 - Nurse Jackie: season five

Oh Nurse Jackie.  You may very well be the most frustrating show that I like.  Here's the deal - you've got some great characters - the writing is often very strong - the stories… I don't know anymore.  It just feels like the show is spinning it's wheels and, especially following the finale of this season, does' t know what to do with it's premise anymore so it's starting to circle back to old territory.  The final beat of this season felt like a plot move, not a character one.  Shame.
Edie Falco is fantastic as Jackie.  Merritt Wever steals every scene she's in, but the new addition of a love interest was my high-light of the season and Adam Ferrara was pitch perfect.

I honestly just don't know how I feel about this show right now - mostly frustrated 'cause I know I'll come back to watch the next season, but I also know that my expectations are so low now.  If you haven't seen this absolutely start from the beginning - the first few seasons are pretty fantastic.  

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