Sunday, June 09, 2013

1851 - The Girl Next Door

It's been a long time since I've seen this film and I'm happy to say it stands up almost ten years later as well as it did when I first say it.  It's the story of an unpopular high-school student who falls for the girl next door, and she's into him as well - and then he discovers she's a former porn star.
It's a super solid sex comedy, but it's a little bit more than that.  Elisha Cuthbert is something special here.  She's gorgeous, sure, there's that.  But she has this amazing vulnerability that comes across here in a really interesting way.  It would have been so easy for her character to be one note, but she's got a strength and a sadness and it comes across beautifully.  Emile Hirsh is perfect, you buy that he could be with this girl, but also that he's had a bit of arrested development himself.  Timothy Olyphant really is the stand-out here - he's the buddy, he's the villain, he's dynamic as shit here. 
If you haven't seen this you really need to check it out.  It's delightful, it's funny, it's sweet.  It's a ride.  Do yourself a favor and check it out.

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