Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1860 - Sex Drive

So if you look at this blog regularly you're thinking - wow - Jeremy is a bit of a pervert watching all these sex comedies.  I promise it's for research - not just pure enjoyment.  I remember when I first saw this how impressed I was by it - it really is a funny as hell film.  I watched the unrrated cut - which is a bit bizarre just on it's own - they literally just throw in a ridiculous amount of extra boobs and penises in just to make it a proper unrated cut.  If you've never seen this film you're going to want to check out the theatrical version first. 
This is a typical sex comedy about a guy trying to lose his virginity and the journey he goes on to make it happen.  But it's better than just that - the cast is pretty killer - Clark Duke easily steals the entire film, but James Marsden and Seth Green have fantastic supporting parts as well.  If I have an argument it's simply that the film goes on a lot of tangents mostly because there aren't a lot of natural obstacles to interfere.  Luckily they're entertaining as hell.  If you like your coming of age sex comedies, this is easily one of the best of recent years.

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