Sunday, September 04, 2011

1612 - Horrible Bosses

This is the kind of film where you've got the combination of great cast + great premise = I want to see it.  So what's it about, if you haven't heard - Three friends have three terrible human beings for bosses, and after finally having enough they realize that their lives would be much easier without them.  And so cue the Strangers on a Train/Throw Momma, etc... examples.
This is the kind of film where if you turn off the logic filter on your brain and you just sit back and relax - it's easy to do just that.  And you'll laugh - a lot.  It's by no means a perfect film, and it's one that I'll probably never fee the need to see again, but it was a solid and entertaining ride.  They play off the scenarios extremely well - sometimes missing a few comic opportunities, but cashing in on other that you might not consider.  If you want to see something just for the sake of laughing, this one is an easy recommend - but if you want a good solid comedy I'd have to say that play it by your personal interest. 

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