Tuesday, September 06, 2011

1613 - At Home By Myself... With You

I was fortunate to sit with Kristin Booth sometime ago at a mutual friend's birthday party, and she was as charming and lovely in real life as she is in this film.  She stars as a woman who has several phobias, the most crippling being that she can't leave her apartment.  But when she meets a new man across the hall she makes a list of everything she's scared of, and goes at trying to get over them. 
It's a very cute film, and Booth and Aaron Abrams are really quite lovely together.  People that don't like quirky films would be best to avoid this - from it's fairytale narration, to animated sequences, and character's characteristics, it could be something that really grates at the wrong person.  Not me :) 
Clearly shot on a shoestring budget it never quite feels like that - more like everything is a choice.  It feels cinematic despite it's limitations that might take the story elsewhere.  This is a film that you could really pick to shreds if you wanted to be more nihilistic about it all, but it's not meant to be that, it's a cute little fairytale and it works really well as that.  It's pretty widely available and has just been added to netflix here in Canada, so no excuse not to check it out!
At Home By Myself ... With You

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