Wednesday, September 28, 2011

1628 - Blast from the Past

I missed this film when it first came out, and then remembered it when a friend of mine raved about it last year, so in search of a nice simple comedy for this evening, I found myself watching it.  It's a comedy about a man who seals himself and his pregnant wife in a fall-out shelter after he thinks they've been hit by a nuclear weapon.  Thirty-five years later his son emerges to get more supplies and, hopefully, find a girl for himself. 
The first thing I thought about when watching this was - damn, Alicia Silverstone just disappeared off the face of the planet (she didn't actually - but she can be found by clicking on this awesome blog).  The comedy plays well to the concept.  The only thing that kind of threw me was their relationship.  I'm not sure exactly what drew him to her - why she'd suddenly become attracted to this guy.  That could have used a little more laughter and thought.
I don't want to say to much and run some of the better running gags.  For those in the mood for a nice light comedy, look no further!

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