Monday, September 12, 2011

1615 - Entourage: season eight

And so it ends.  Entourage gets a lot of flack for being a comedy without jokes.  I always describe the show as being something akin to a doughnut, it's not something you ever need to watch.  It's not going to satisfy you in a way that a proper meal or dessert would - but every now and then you just kind of want it, and you don't need someone giving you shit for that.  That's like watching Entourage. 
This season has been... okay.  In an effort to wrap things up it just felt a little too clean for my liking.  There will be SPOILERS coming, so don't read on unless you've seen it.

They essentially decided to wrap everything up nice and tidy - everyone's relationships got repaired, Drama is on his way to becoming a star, Turtle is finally a successful business man in his own right, and Vince... in the biggest WTF of the finale, is getting married to the woman who, mere episodes ago, called him a vain ladies man, and somehow a twenty-four hour date with him (that we didn't get to see) made her want to marry him right away.  Alice Eve was a phenomenal character and this episode just turned her into another bimbo for Vince.  The show avoids SHOWING us how perfect for each other these two are and just TELLS us that they are, the same way that the show always let us assume that Vince was a talented actor (the show actually made a poor decision in every now and then showing Vince actually acting, and thus shattering the illusion). 
I always enjoyed watching Entourage, but I can't say I'll miss it.  I'll watch the movie when it comes out, and hopefully they'll really put the characters to task now that they, essentially grown-up. 
The best part of the series finale is after the credits when Ari, who recently gave everything up for his family, is given the job offer of a lifetime.  Now THAT was a perfect note to go out on.
So if you've been watching all along you've probably already seen this season - but if you're just new to the series, proceed knowing that it's just what it is - no more, no less.  And that's okay.

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