Tuesday, September 06, 2011

1614 - Morning Glory

I'll see pretty much anything that Rachel McAdams is in, and when you throw Harrison Ford & Diane Keaton into the mix as well - you've guaranteed my viewership. 
McAdams stars as an up-and-coming morning show producer challenged to take a morning show on it's last legs and breathe some fresh air into it.  It's full of the usual work place trappings, like office romance, workaholic natures, etc... but it doesn't fall into the cliches of them, which was a nice touch.  What I love most about McAdams, and what's obvious here, is that she actually likes to play her characters honestly.  This is a big budget comedy, but she looks like a real person - her hair is messy sometimes, she looks slightly disheveled - because she's supposed to be given her job.  A lesser team would have kept her polished the entire time. 
It's easy to forget that Keaton and McAdams played mother/daughter a few years back in The Family Stone, they fit their roles so well, but the big surprise is Harrison Ford - much like his character - you don't expect him to show up at a film like this, and it works quite well.
This is a cute little film worth checking out, especially if you're a fan of any of the headlining talent.
Morning Glory  Morning Glory [Blu-ray]

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