Friday, September 23, 2011

1622 - Dinner For Schmucks

It very well may be safe to say that I'll watch anything with Paul Rudd and/or Steve Carell in it.  I loved the title sequence to this film.  I haven't seen the original version of the film, but it's no surprise why they thought that this title would translate over here.
So let's just start by saying that this is a pure fun movie, nothing more and nothing less.  And that's totally fine.  It's entertaining as hell.  The set-up is that a man is trying to get a promotion at his company, but to become part of the "boy's club" he must bring a dinner guest to their secret dinner, but it has to be someone that is just over-the-top weird. 
I didn't love the film, but I quite liked a lot of it - I thought they did a nice job of integrating the plot threads and giving a nice escalation.  The bank scene in particular was pretty damn well done.  The ending felt a little easy, but I'll let it fly.
Jemaine Clement also features here as, essentially the Russell Brand character (nothing against Clement by saying that, he's actually delightful here). 
If you want a fun film to watch this might be your cup of tea. 

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