Sunday, September 25, 2011

1623 - The Secret of My Succe$s

This is one of the few eighties hits that I never saw - and if I did I don't recall it at all.  Fox stars as a kid from Kansas with dreams of making it big in New York.  He gets a job in the mail room in his uncle's company since no one will give him a chance in a business job - so he makes up an alias and works for the company in a higher capacity anyway.
There is a fair amount of mistaken identity fun going on here as Fox's character must share his duties as a mail room clerk along with being an executive - hopefully no one on either side becoming the wiser...
The film is pure eighties in terms of style, costumes, you name it.  So if you love that stuff you'll love this.  The thing that makes me saddest watching this is knowing that Fox's career is forever changed because of his Parkenson's, and who knows how many great performances we've been robbed because of it (although, this season's finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm wouldn't be possible without it, so theres that as well). 
If you like eighties film this one is just fine.  Give it a whirl.

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