Wednesday, May 02, 2012

1723 - Thor

Decided to re-watch this 'cause it was on Netflix (Huzzah!), and since I believe that Loki is to be the big-bag in Avengers, I figured this was probably the most relevant of the Marvel Universe films to revisit.  This was just as fun as the first time.  I love the set-up to the character and then as soon as he enters our world it becomes a bit of a fish-out-of-water comedy for a little bit.  What a great choice by the filmmakers.  I think that Thor probably has the strongest character arc of any of these films so far.  When he gets his powers back you REALLY believe that he's earned them.  Love it.  Portman is lovely as always, even if she isn't given enough of a range of things to do with her character.  Kat Dennings… well…. I've lost my enjoyment of her ever since I saw that pilot of 2 Broke Girls.  Amazing how one little thing can kind of turn you off of someone.
I'm getting pretty excited about the Avengers this Friday.  All of these films leading up to it have been pretty well done, so it'll be nice to see what happens when they throw them all together.  Trying to keep the expectations low.

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Jennifer Bragg said...

The one thing that tainted this film a little for me was that the love story wasn't believable at all. They really didn't build it properly. Otherwise it was great!