Thursday, May 10, 2012

1728 - New Girl: season one

Before the beginning of this new television season I had a bit of a crush on both Zooey Deschanel and Kat Dennings.  I'm not officially in love with Zoie from this show, and really have no interest in following Kat after the shit-show that is 2 Broke Girls polluted the air-waves with it's awkward desperateness.  But that's not what I'm here about.
New Girl was my favorite pilot of the year - it jumped out and announced what it was and I liked it from the get-go.  A lot of people have said that it's the show that got strongest and better as it went, but I always always a fan - however I agree that the show continued to get better the more it embraced the amazing ensemble cast that it had.  Zooey is lovely on her own, but throw the rest of this ensemble into the mix and you're kicking with gas.  The jokes are fast, furious, and smart.  I was impressed by how much ground they covered this season and never seemed to be lacking for material.  It makes me excited for future seasons.  It would be easy to label this show as being quirky, and perhaps it is, but the way it uses it's quirks are a helluva lot of fun.  It's a show that will poke the hell out of it's characters, but it's also a show that's willing to show how much they care for and need one another.  I'm a big fan of serial television, but New Girl could easily be my favorite episodic that's lightly serialized. 
If you avoided this show please give it a shot.  Jump in mid-season and you'll be just fine. 

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Jennifer Bragg said...

Totally agree! I've talked to a lot of people who turned away from this show after the pilot because the next 3 or so episodes were weaker. And I agree...I think that for a little while after the brilliant pilot, the show was kinda shaky - and sometimes the 'quirkiness' was too much. It was zany for the sake of being zany. But after it started to find it's footing, honed all of the characters and focused on the ensemble it started to pick up steam. And I feel sorry for all the people who bailed in the early episodes because it's become a hilarious weekly romp!