Thursday, May 31, 2012

1740 - Hannah & Her Sisters

I've always said that Annie Hall is my favourite Woody Allen film, but I can't help but wonder if this one isn't sneaking in there.  It doesn't have all the wonderfully surreal stuff that it does, but as a straight-story, it could be his finest.  It's a lovely ensemble that's full of some wonderfully comic moments, and then some really dynamic drama (I'm looking at you Max Von Sydow!).  I was watching this mostly to look at the visuals again and think about it purely from that stand point.  The film I'm currently working on is similar to Woody's films in that it's quite dialogue driven, and so it helps me a fair deal to watch the films of similar wordy writers, and this is just simply one of the best. 
I always point to Annie Hall as the film that non-Woody-believers should check out if they don't think they'd like him - but I think this one deserves a mention just as much.  Please, oh please, if you've never seen it - treat yourself.  You won't regret it - and if you do… we probably can't be friends.  Sorry. 

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