Wednesday, May 23, 2012

1736 - Project Greenlight: season one

Like I said when I re-watched the second season on this show, I find these highly rewatchable and highly addictive.  Especially when I'm doing some prep work and wanting something fun in the background. 
I can't imagine making a film, let alone a first feature, under the microscope that this series requires.  I really enjoy behind the scenes stuff and this show does it so well.  It just doesn't feel set-up at all - like we're just watching a wonderful train wreck.  It's the power of editing, but this season highlights a lot of the film's personalities good and bad and it feels... honest?
I don't think Pete Jones is a talented writer or director.  I partly feel like he was picked because he'd make good television fodder (and he did!).  I think their selection process was corrected by the second time around, and it's a shame that this only went 3 seasons (why, oh why, have they never released a DVD of it... :( ). 
If you like the magic behind moving making, this is a great show to watch - and it's extra entertaining considering all the fuck-ups and how much of a little bitch Pete Jones can be.  I'd like to think that a lot of the things I do, it's because I saw Pete Jones doing it wrong first here.  So thanks Pete!  I appreciate the help wherever I can get it!

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