Thursday, May 24, 2012

1737 - Modern Family: season three

This is one of the few really, truly great comedic ensembles.  It's a show with a large cast, but they've found a way to perfectly balance them.  They haven't tried to make one a "break-out" character, but they've really honored the idea of this being a show about a group of people and it works extremely well because of it.  I wrote a spec of this show last summer and I know from studying the writing that it's a show that's, literally, a joke a minute - and to be accurate it's actually several jokes a minute - two or three.  And most of them land really really well.  I find myself at least once or twice an episode having an actual proper, solid laugh.  The writing is solid from a comedy stand-point and in terms of character they've found a nice way to give it a really light serialization as the characters grow and move through life.  If you haven't yet checked this show out, you really owe it to yourself to do so.  I still think that their use of the mocumentary format is a bit of a lazy way to do internal jokes, and doesn't really fit the show - but I'll let it slide.  Other than that, it's all aces.  I loved the new little twist we learned tonight as well.  Well played, showrunners, well played.

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