Sunday, May 20, 2012

1735 - Stand By Me

I don't know what compelled me to watch this tonight.  This is one of those films that really makes me think about childhood.  I remember the first time I saw it I had nightmares about leeches all night. (and seriously, how after their friend finds a leech in his underwear, don't they all search their own areas right away?)  That scene stuck with me for sure.  But over the years, on repeat viewings it's the rest of the film that really grabs you.  The film has a ridiculously impressive cast - I never realize that it was Wil Wheton as Gordie in the lead - not for nothing - but I think this is easily his strongest role.    I grew up in a small town and so while I never had an adventure quite like this, I had friends like this.  And just like in the film those friendships have all moved on and are more-or-less gone outside of Facebook updates.  That's the part of the film that hasn't struck me before now. 
If you haven't seen this film it's a crying shame.  It's really a lovely coming of age story that's filled with humour and heart.  Four friends go in search of the body of a kid their age, rumoured dead by the train tracks a town or so over, and they decide that they want to be the ones to "find the body", but by the end of the trip they find something much more.  Sounds cheesy, sure - but it's a delightful fantastic film.  Rob Reiner directs the shit out of it and these actors.  It's a great great film.  And it's on netflix now, so you have absolutely no reason to not watch, or at least, revisit it.

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