Wednesday, August 03, 2011

1598 - Repo Men

I wanted to check this out because I liked the premise and there are some actors that I know in it.  The story is that of a society in which people can buy machine organs to replace their failed ones - but the system is rigged - it's near impossible to keep up with the payments and so the organs keep getting repossessed and then added to a new person in need, continually adding profit to the company.  Interesting, timely, premise.  Execution... not so interesting.  Make no mistake this is a violent film.  As it goes along it just starts to feel a bit like the filmmakers were just looking for an excuse to make a real gore-fest.
You've got a charismatic group of actors, but they can't begin to fix the problems that are just inherent from the get-go.  And it's got a third act that comes off as pure fantasy - there' s reason for that, and I can't imagine it won't piss the majority of viewers off.
To be clear, I didn't hate this film, but I can't imagine recommending it to anyone - Outside of, perhaps, checking it out to see how much of Toronto you can recognize in it.
Repo Men  Repo Men (Unrated) [Blu-ray]

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