Sunday, August 14, 2011

1602 - The Whistleblower

Full Disclosure: I know some of the behind the scenes people on this film.  As such it wouldn't be surprising for me to go soft on a review for it - but I won't, and here's my honest answer - I really really liked this film, and I honestly wasn't sure if I was going to.  First off, while I've always liked Rachel Weisz, I've always preferred her in 'lighter' roles.  She's one of those actors who have certain 'ticks' and when pushed they play similar notes and it always feels like a performance to me.  That happens just a tad early on in this film, but then suddenly it's gone.  There's a shift and I can't quite put my place on where, but suddenly Weisz goes into full on mode and performs her once-in-a-lifetime role.  She really is quite fantastic here.
This is a difficult film with difficult subject matter.  It had a slightly rough start for me, but as soon as it started working, it never stopped all the way through the end.  This is the kind of film that makes you feel sick to your stomach, but in a good way.  It reminds you to be careful in this world about who you can trust - I'm not saying that it's a nihilistic film - it's just a very honest one.
So if you're up for an intense thriller that's a well made Canadian film to boot, you'll find a treat in this.  And support it while it's in the theatres - let's show the world that we do have a film industry in Canada, damnit!

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