Thursday, August 11, 2011

Promethea - Vol 4

So this volume, for it's majority, carried on the same tangent that it went on in the previous volume.  I have to say, perhaps Moore didn't know at the time that he was only going to do 32 issues of this book (5 trades), but he spent nearly 40% of his over-all story on a sideplot with his main character walking through the afterlife, pretentiously musing on life, art, magic, etc... all very 'voice-of-the-author' kind of stuff.  Any time we got a quick flash of Stacia as the temporary Promethea I was delighted - a storyline!  Huzzah!  I honestly think I might have preferred if the court case that ends this volume would have had a different outcome.
Now, that being said, the second half of this book, once all the afterlife rubbish was over, was back up to my usual Moore standards.  And where they've left off I'm actually kind of excited for the next, and final, volume.  We might just get ourselves a full story arc here ladies and gentleman!  I plan on getting through it tomorrow.

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