Tuesday, August 09, 2011

1601 - Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

So this came in the mail from zip.ca - I honestly can't remember when I added it to the list - but here it is!  I've seen some Freddy films but I'm actually not sure if I'd seen the original or not.  Alas.
So there was some interesting stuff here - I liked that we followed the blonde bombshell girl long enough to assume that she was going to be our hero through-out - they definitely kept us guessing in that regard.  I liked that there was a mystery element to it - why did he do this and who is he (although it kind of kills any motive for a sequel - which I'm sure won't stop them).  My biggest issue with this film is that there doesn't appear to be any need for logic in or around the dream stuff.  And I mean common sense.  Like, if you're in a situation where falling asleep is VERY BAD, and you've been fighting it, are you REALLY going to take a hot bath?  Come on!  That and just the continual fucking with the audience in the question of "Is it a dream or not?  Is it a dream within a dream, etc..." to the point where you realize that there are no rules - they're just doing whatever the hell they want. 
So it's not a great film - it's stylish - if you're a massive Freddy fan you've probably already seen it.  If they made a follow-up I'm dead curious as to the premise.
A Nightmare on Elm Street 

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