Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Promethea - Vol 2

Okay, so this is the second volume of the series and as such I think I'm going to get pretty specific with my thoughts, so fair warning - SPOILERS AHEAD.

Alan Moore is kind of considered the master of the comic medium, but I'm just not sure that I buy that.  I like him, I like the work he's done, but I don't think he's setting the world on fire.  I think that what he is is a great ideas man.  He really comes at things sideways and finds ways to relate stories to ourselves - and in that, yes, he's masterful - but I find that he often forgoes story just to go on these long tangents about magic and the world, religion, politics.  And not to be an ass, but to be a master of this medium I would think that you'd need to merge the two in a stronger way.  It could be that, like a lot of artists, Moore is at a point in his career where he writes his own ticket - he does whatever he wants and no one is going to tell him that he's wrong (I don't think) and so in that bubble, the work suffers to some extent.  This is just my humble opinion, and I could be completely wrong.

So the second volume - there was some fun stuff here, but it just felt like they got through the big conflict of everyone coming after Sophie far too quickly.  And while I like that what makes Sophie's Promethea unique is the way she approaches problems, I also felt like the idea of her being able to resurrect other Prometheas to help her in battle was a little bit of a last minute cheat.  Also stylistically this was a weird volume - the vast majority of one issue use photos in place of the drawings, and it felt really cheesy and cheap - like the covers of bad smut novels.  There are only three more books in the series, and they're all sitting on my desk, so I will finish the series up for sure, but right now it's not grabbing me by the throat as I would have liked.  Maybe it'll pick up for me.
Promethea (Book 2)

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