Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1604 - The Dilemma

First off, is it weird to say that this just seemed like a bizarre choice for Ron Howard?  Granted the advertisements don't so much advertise the film they made as it advertises the kind of film you normally expect to see Vaughn and James in - so fair enough for the marketing team - I'm sure you hooked the right people in - but it's a fair assumption that they isolated their audience at the same time.
All that aside, I quite enjoyed this film about a friend who, in the middle of a big business deal with a stress-out partner, debates whether or not he tells said partner that his wife is cheating on him when he randomly discovers it.  I think what this film handled particularly well was the problems with the Do I/Don't I?  I bought the issues that he was facing and the prons and cons of both - it was a solid conflict.  The bigger issue with this film is that I don't think it finds a good middle ground in terms of the comedy and drama - it didn't have a tone that really kept it moving.  That and just other little things felt a tad forced - Vaughn as the recovering gambler just felt tacked on for plot purposes.  I think they needed to set this up and make me believe that this guy had a problem.
This is by no means the film of the year, but it's a decent enough one.  If you like these people involved and films about relationships then it'll probably be up your alley.
The Dilemma  The Dilemma

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