Saturday, November 06, 2010

1458 - Following

This film has been sitting on my shelf for, literally, years. That's part of the problem with being a movie geek - you amass an ass load of films and there is always a certain percentage that you haven't seen. I'm doing my best to get through that percentage :)
This film centers around a guy who "wants to be a writer". He has a habit of following people around just for kicks - as an excuse to study human behavior - until one day when he's caught following someone and leads down a criminal path that he did not expect.
It's amazing to see how far Christopher Nolan has come in a little over a decade (somewhere in the middle of the film there is a door with the Bat signal on it. Foreshadowing anyone?). This is an impressive film to begin with, but when you consider the budget it really is a well made film and as much as anything it's the writing that makes it special. "Take someone away from someone and they'll realize what they've got". Having been broken into, I can understand Nolan's fascination with this story idea.
Like most of Nolan's films this one has the kind of ending that makes you want to re-watch and reexamine the film you just saw - which is a big plus I think for it. It's a bit late and I'm a bit tired so a reviewing at some point would be a grand idea.
A nice little film, made for next to nothing, that properly announces an important filmmaker to the masses. Thank goodness they listened!

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