Friday, November 05, 2010

The Walking Dead - Vol 2: Miles Behind Us

I swear I only intended to read a few pages... Despite a stack of movies on my desk and other things to read... The obsession wants what the obsession wants. I just know that I'm going to burn through these books too damn fast and then be left wanting more... luckily I have the TV Series to satiate me (just watched the first episode - goddamn is it good - I won't go into details, but they honor the book well so far and add nicely to it).
There is a real momentum with these books and a real human connection. With the exception of, perhaps, our hero Rick Grimes, I don't imagine that it's safe to get too attached to any one character man, woman, or child. I devoured this volume and I have to stop myself from starting another one tonight. The story, and the world, just continues to build - the differing opinions of people expand and contract. It's fantastic and I'm glad that I've got a lot more of it to look forward to!

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