Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Walking Dead - Vol 5: The Best Defense

Okay - to start off - there will be some minor spoilers ahead, more about what's come before this book - so here's a quick summary - it's awesome - read it - buy the others - read them all.
Now, onto a proper review.
When we left the group last they were just starting to make sense of their new way of life. Vol 4 ended with an awesome proclamation from Rick about their situation and I dug it. Life was getting controlled, they were forging on. But this is Vol 4 and there is practically a dozen more books in the series so far - so we KNOW that shit has to hit the fan - and does it ever.
The group notices a helicopter crash in the distance and three of them go to investigate, thinking that they can either save the passengers, or at the very least figure out where they came from. I love the idea of this expanding world and that there are other people out there doing similar things to the group that we're following.
All of this leads the group to discovering another camp nearby - and it's run by a man named The Governer, who is probably one of that most fantastic villains I've read in comics. This comic is pushing the boundaries in major ways, and maybe I'm just desensitized but it's not bothering me in the least - perhaps because the book is so well written that I understand why people, even the sociopaths, do what they do.
This series continues to be wonderful and make me want to read that much more. I know I'm going to be thirsting for more once I finish the stack I've got.
Kirkman writes this series because he hates that zombie films end and so he wanted to create a series that wouldn't. Who knows what tricks he's got up his sleeves, but if he can keep churning them out as good as this, I don't doubt it could go on a very long time. Based on the books I've read thus far AMC easily has enough material for at least three seasons depending on how they want to spread it out.
Long live The Walking Dead!

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