Monday, November 08, 2010

1459 - Croupier

This is one of the films that I picked up under the recommendation of Mr. Scott McLaren while we were raiding the closing sale of the Blockbuster at Queen & Spadina. Finally got around to watching it.

This film has two things that, automatically, make it a film worth checking out - Clive Owen - and a pretty damn strong narration throughout. The film, other than that, works well enough. It's about a croupier, a black-jack dealer, who really wants to be a novelist so he takes the job as research and let's himself get as involved as possible while still trying to keep his hands clean. But then... he's made an offer for an even bigger paycheck.

I found my mind wandering off here and there as it wasn't the most engaging film, but it's enjoyable enough to watch, particularly if you're into gambling at all and how casinos work (to some degree). I don't have a strong recommendation feeling about this either way - if you love Clive, check it out - if not - your call.

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