Monday, November 01, 2010

Sandman Vol 8: World's End

This volume did very little to appease my desire for this series to get back to it's main story-arc. It's another collection of other stories that, more or less, do not really involve Dream besides being a very-side character in some stories and not involved in others at all. There's some great stories going on here, and sometimes stories within stories within stories but, in this volume especially, I found myself wondering what the hell was the point? Gaiman is a master-storyteller in terms of story itself, but I'm growing tired of these tangents. If I was buying this series on a monthly basis I don't think I would keep coming back. There are two volumes left so I'll finish it up for sure - but I have to say that as much as this series delights me it frustrates me all the same. I imagine it's because I love the stuff with Dream and The Endless so much that when we're aware from it I just want to get back to it. So I suppose that's a good thing.

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