Friday, January 20, 2012

1681 - Todd and the Book of Pure Evil: season one

Full Disclosure: the company I'm working with right now (Frantic Films) produces this series.  Which might mean that I'm got a big bias, but just for the record if I watch something connected to people I know and I don't like it, I actually omit it from the blog.  So there's that.
I loved the shit out of this show, and I feel bad that it's taken me this long to get around to watching the full season.  I checked out an episode awhile back, but then got busy and didn't get back to it - big mistake.  The concept is awesome - it's a slacker-comedy about a group of teenagers and their guidance councilor who are fighting a book that can make people's wildest dreams come true - but always to horrible extremes - in one episode an emotionally abused gay teen turns the rest of the school gay, in another a fat girl uses it to make herself skinny (but the fat that leaves her body is evil and turns against them all), etc... it goes through so many amazing ideas that it makes you wonder what they've left up their sleeves for future seasons.  It's a rare comedy that has procedural elements, although it starts to become much more serialized as the season goes on. 
It has it's fair share of potty humor, but it's so well crafted that you can't help but admire it.  This is one of those rare shows that actually makes me belly laugh - it's smart, clever, and over-the-top funny.  I really can't recommend this enough, especially if you like your comedy on the dark side.  You really can't beat this.  It's closing in on it's second season and I'm not quite sure if they've greenlit a third season or not yet.  This is one of those shows whose writing staff I would absolutely love to be a part of if the chance ever arose (nudge, wink).  It airs on Space, but you can also buy the DVD.  Watch it.  Now.

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