Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mister Wonderful

I was looking forward to this as Clowe's Ghost World had left a really lasting impression upon me.  It says right on the cover that it's a love story, but I don't think that's accurate at all.  It's the story of the first twenty-four hours of two broken people, coming out of shitty relationships, and giving it another go with one another.  But they don't fall in love (nor should they) and we, or at least I, didn't even care if they actually got together.  The narrative keeps telling us that they're bubbly funny people, but the scenes themselves don't express that.  Clowes relies heavily on an inner-monologue that often eclipses the dialogue, and so the whole thing almost plays more like a one-sided audio book.  We're never given a reason to like or root for our heroes. 
It's a super quick read, so if you're a Clowes die-hard, than by all means pick it up - but I was pretty disappointed in it's lack of engagement.  Oh well. 

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