Friday, January 27, 2012

1686 - Wendy and Lucy

I meant to see this film when it first came out but never got a chance to.  Michelle Williams is probably one of our most underrated actresses - although I do believe that she's starting to get the credit that she deserves.  This is such a simple little story, simply told, but so much emotion, sadness, frustration, is conveyed through Williams face.  It's an amazing performance.
The film is about a woman on a trip across the US, from Indiana to Alaska (because she heard they're hiring people out there) and her car breaks down on the way, and then when she shop lifts dog food so that her Lucy can eat, she gets arrested for it and returns to find her dog now missing.
The film is emotional in a small way, and what's lovely is that it's not just a film about watching a girl get her ass kicked by life for making a bad choice, it's about how life can deal you a bad card, but then life will present you opportunities as well to improve your situation. 
This is a really lovely little indie film and it's on netflix if you're interested.  If you're not a Michelle Williams fan yet - you're about to become one.

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