Thursday, January 26, 2012

1684 - Newlyweds

I finally got this film to work after having a massive pain in the ass with the iTunes video rental store.  It's a service I've used only when the films I buy come with a free digital download and I've never had a problem with that, so hopefully this doesn't speak ill again.  If it happens again on another rental, I won't bother and use a competing service.

I've had Edward Burns on my mind a lot lately.  He's, without question, the current King of truly independent cinema.  And it's because as smart and talented he as as an artist, he's just as smart as a businessman.  He knows that the theatrical audience for art house and indie cinema is gone, they're not going out to the theatres like they once were - they're at home on their couch.  And so what Ed's been doing is delivering the content directly to them.  It's brilliant.  And all it takes is for the filmmaker to accept his situation and forgo theatrical, which is really a big cost suck anyway.  Many people say that Ed Burns can get away with making films for next to nothing because he's Ed Burns and so people will watch his stuff anyway - sure I think that there's some truth to that.  But I think the smaller your budget, the less people you need to see your film anyway.  I guess the bigger problem is that ultimately it's hard to make a living this way, and can really only be done as a side thing… regardless - Ed has inspired me - and so instead of waiting for someone else to tell me that I can make my second feature film I think I'm going to start trying to put together something using this model and the great contacts I already have in the Canadian film industry.

Now, to the film.  Either you like this kind of film about people and relationships and ideas, or you don't.  And those that like those kinds of films will love Newlyweds.  It has a great look and feel to it, that is clearly a bi-product of the budget, but it adds to it rather than taking away.  It compliments the subject matter in a way that's very of-the-moment.  I love it.  It's about a couple, both on their second marriage, and their attempts to get it right this time despite the insanity of their families on both sides.  It's a really lovely little story about the fragility of relationships and what can and does happen to them over time.  I think, for now, it's only available through iTunes, so give it a shot.  It's cheaper than leaving the house to see a film!

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