Monday, January 30, 2012

1687 - Foolproof

I always like to look through Netflix's Canadian category to catch up on homegrown cinema that I might have missed.  This film was 2003 and so it was just before Ryan Reynolds broke out huge.  Kristin Booth is fantastic here as well, and still a Toronto girl - bless her!
As far as Canadian films go this one is a winner.  It's not your typical Canadian fare at all (if that's a bad thing for you) as it fits in nicely with heist films from the other side of the border.  A group of friends plan imaginary heists for fun, but then find themselves in trouble when one of their plans is stolen and then they're forced to work with a crime lord or risk exposing themselves. 
It's a great little heist film with really solid production values and story turns.  It's a shame that it didn't do so well as this is the film of film that needs to be made more in Canada.  And it's the kind that more Canadians need to try and watch - luckily for you now it's on Netflix and you've got no excuse.  Watch it.  Now.

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Jennifer Bragg said...

I remember watching this film and loving it