Friday, January 27, 2012

Morning Glories: volume 1

I discovered this through some "top" list which I can't recall... It's about a group of teens, all with the same birthday who as whisked away to an elite school for reasons unknown.  They're, apparently, special.  Through the entire first trade we're give no idea outside of the fact that the kids are, maybe, smart, and it probably has something to do with science.  Although interesting, I have to admit that the 'mystery' aspect to it feels a tad coy and like they're just enjoying fucking with their audience.  I got it through the library, and I've ordered the second trade, but I'm on the fence about this series right now.  Right now it feels like they're stalling and doing a slow set-up, and it if doesn't start paying off in the next book I'll probably tune out.

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