Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Empire State

This came off another top-ten list from the end of the year.  While seemingly quirky for the sake of it, the tagline of "A love story (or not)" is actually quite accurate. 
It's the story of a twenty-five year old... loser?  from Oakland.  Loser is a bit harsh, he's just not applying himself properly.  It's the story of how he follows his female best friend to New York to try and win her over.  What I found really refreshing about this story and Shiga's approach was that the two love interests were not attractive people by any stretch of the imagination, and it struck me as how rare it is to see that (especially given how many not-so-pretty people there are in the world).  And on top of that, while this kid wants to be a graphic designer, upon meeting a professional one he realizes just how little he knows about it and how far he is from his dream.  It's all a little sad really. 
If I have a complaint about this one it's that there was a bit of a time jump back and forth in places and I had a hard time knowing where I was sometimes - maybe there was a visual cue that I missed.  I know he used different color palettes.  But that's a small thing compared to how interesting the rest of it was.  It's a pretty solid book with some unique art and a fast pace read.  Give it a go.

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