Friday, October 01, 2010

1436 - This Movie is Broken

I'm only a casual fan of Broken Social Scene (which will probably change now) but I loved the idea and the trailer for this film, and since it was playing on my flight home from Calgary I couldn't pass up the chance to watch it. I love how Bruce is turning out films these days, but his quality doesn't suffer do to it. The love story here is pretty simple, and the film actually plays, more or less, as a concert doc that has this side love-story going on with it. The film cleverly using music to enhance the emotional impact of the relationship - some would call it a crutch, but I think it's intentional and serves it well. It's beautifully shot and you feel like you're at one of those most amazing unique concerts ever. I'll definitely be putting an effort into listening to more Broken Social Scene now. With the exception of a sequence later on in the film that doesn't feel like it fits at all to me, this is a pretty lovely film. Check it out.

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