Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sandman Vol 6: Fables & Reflections

As you can see I took a little hiatus from this series, and from comics in general. My life is a constant balance of reading, writing, and watching, and the balance was more towards watching - which is mostly because I haven't been taking the TTC for the last two month, which is where I do the majority of my reading - but now I'm back on a regular commute for a bit so I'll get a chunk of reading in again - and I've got a stack of comics and books alike to read, but first up to finish is Sandman, 'cause it's a loaner.
So I messed up and read volume seven before I read this one - not that it really matters, Sandman is kind of designed in a way that each volume is more or less standalone - however in the next volume a major story arc starts, and so I'm really looking forward to getting back into that. This book right here is what I like to call a hallway (a term I steal affectionately from Mr. Scott McLaren), it's in-between things. It's a lot of stand-alone stories, and for the most part they're fun enough - but this was one of my least favourite installments. There's a great story-arc near the end with Dream's son, but the rest is mostly just filled up with one-off stories that are entertaining and interesting enough on their own as he plays with history and how Dream is part of everything. I mean - that's what's fun about Gaiman in this series - you get a sense that he's a kid in a candy store playing around with different ideas and never feeling bogged down to a format or anything like that - and it works well for the series in terms of adding flavor, but I want stories that link, and this volume was just a little weak on that.
Favourite Quote: "without dreams there could be no dispair"
Highlight for me was seeing Dream and Death as children.

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