Friday, October 08, 2010

1441 - Bitch Slap

I knew about this film only because Carla Collins has a brief cameo in it and she was on set for the film while they were shooting the first season of Carlawood.
I'm trying to think of the nicest possible way to say this... I mean, I get that it's meant to be an homage to exploitation films, but there's a difference between being so bad that it's good and being so bad that it's, kinda/sorta, terrible.
This is the kind of film that makes me feel bad for the actors involved. The gratuitous nature of the copious amounts of slow motion boob shots/making out just makes you feel a bit awkward by the end. I think that the film relies to much on trying to be clever and stylish and never bothers telling any kind of story. The truth is that this film would have been far more interesting if they'd gone extra further and actually turned this into soft-core (or full-on) porn - I think that's actually what's missing, that extra step - if they had gone that much further with it, it could be just this side of brilliant. I'm sure that there is an audience for this film - there has to be. But I'm not it. The jokes feel a bit underdeveloped and in-jokey. When every line is a one-liner it's hard for the film to remain from being a bit tiring.
I'd love to talk to someone who absolutely loves this film and hear them out.

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